10 Traits every woman dreams of having a man her dreams

The characteristics of a man that women love and want differ from one woman to another, as many researches and studies have been conducted on this topic, which have concluded that emotional attraction between the sexes is one of the most complex issues, but in general, all women agree that there are characteristics that must be present in So that every man is like the man of her dreams, we review ten of them in detail.

A good listener

A woman cannot continue with a man who does not pay attention to her and does not listen to what she says. It is important for the man to be a good listener of the woman and pay attention to every detail she says. Listening and being heard are important qualities that women look for in a man.

Trust in himself

A study conducted by Columbia University in 2011 found that both sexes prefer to associate with a person who is confident in themselves, but vanity and self-confidence must be distinguished because vanity may alienate women from men and eliminate any existing attraction.

Light shade and fun

According to a study conducted in 2006, women do not tend to be tough and tough men, but prefer those who can make them laugh and who have wit and sense of humor.
He has an athletic body
According to a study of the University of California, conducted in 2007 and conducted on 286 women, it was found that women are more attracted to men who have muscles (not exaggerated) compared to men who do not have muscles, according to the study, women may not prolong their relationship with a man who does not have any Muscles in his body.

Who has a manicured beard

According to a 2015 study, women were shown real pictures of men with long beards, others without any beards, and others with manicured beards. It has been found that women are more attracted to a man who takes care of his beard and trims it than someone who does not own or own it and does not take care of it.

He loves his family

When a woman finds a man who cares for and loves her family, she feels safe with him because she becomes confident that he will take care of her as well and will not neglect her, and that she can establish a family with him. This man for her has a greater willingness to settle down.

Has a taste for music

A man who listens to songs and music and has a good taste for it is the favorite of women, according to a study of 1500 women in 2015.
Possesses strong emotional
Contrary to what some believe, women tend to choose a man who is emotional and sympathetic to others, as her relationship with this type of men is longer than others.
He cares about his appearance
Of course, a woman will not accept to be associated with a man who is neglectful because of his appearance, elegance and outward appearance, so his appearance must be tidy and the smell that wafts from him is good and beautiful.


A study conducted in 2013 found that a man who does volunteer work is considered more attractive than those who do not care about volunteering in any way, as women trust this type of men more and see them as more dedicated, cooperative and loyal than others.