8 incredible benefits of mangos

Mango fruit is characterized by its delicious taste and it has many benefits that accrue to you with many health benefits, get to know us through the following article on the most famous benefits of mango that may accrue to your body and health!
Benefits of mangoes
The great benefits of mango in addition to its sweet and delicious taste made it a queen on the throne of fruits, and was dubbed the “queen of fruits” as it is rich in many elements and nutrients necessary to maintain health of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Mango is a tropical fruit rich in dietary fiber, which made it famous since ancient times for calming the stomach and constipation and treating digestive problems, irritable bowel problems and hemorrhoids. Here are the most important health benefits of mangoes:
Rich in vitamins and minerals
Mango contains many vitamins and minerals, it is rich in potassium and copper, and each of vitamin B6 (perodexin), vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, beta-carotene (vitamin A) and folate and nicin and many others.

Control of blood pressure

Mango is a rich source of potassium, as every 100 grams of mango contains approximately 156 mg of potassium and no more than 2 mg of sodium, and potassium is very important for the balance of fluids in the body, and helps in maintaining the regularity of the heartbeat and regulating the transmission of signals and nerve polyps. It is important for muscle contraction. Certainly, it is known for its great role in helping to lower blood pressure

Promote digestive health

The richness of mango fruit in fibers makes it have a great role in regulating the work of the digestive system and preventing constipation and hemorrhoids. Also, there were enzymes found in mangoes that help calm the stomach and its mother, and it is known that dietary fibers have a role in controlling and reducing calcium levels in the body. Which makes it a role in promoting cardiovascular health.

Benefits of mangoes for the skin and eyes
Mango has many benefits for the health of the skin and eyes, as mango fruit is an excellent source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and flavonoids.

Vitamin A and its derivatives are known as powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body, and are important for maintaining healthy skin and eyes and fighting signs of aging and wrinkles. It is also important to maintain eye health and combat macular degeneration.
Cancer prevention and control
Mango fruit is very rich in many powerful antioxidants and flavonoids such as: polyphenolic, which has found a role in preventing breast and colon cancer, and carotenoids that have a role in preventing lung and oral cancers, and several recent recent studies have found effectiveness Mango has a major role in the compounds and antioxidants in protecting against leukemia and prostate cancer