Ten points that you can use to get an attractive look without paying any extra money

The man likes to look attractive and elegant and his appearance is arranged most of his time, whether at home with his wife or the company of his friends or in the workplace or time outing, and he may be willing to pay big money to buy the latest fashion and the latest models from the finest brands to get his elegant appearance. But the truth is that there are many points that can be exploited without paying any additional money to get an attractive look, as elegance is not only limited to luxurious clothes, but also to choosing suitable pieces, appropriate sizes, and good coordination between colors, hair care, shaving method, etc.

Dental Care

If you want to be a stylish man, you must take care of the health of your teeth, as clean teeth give you self-confidence, especially when you smile at others. Brush your teeth twice a day, and use dental floss as well, and if you have any problem with it, do not neglect to visit the dentist.

Pay attention to nails

The importance of caring for nails is not limited to appearance, but even health, so take care of your nails and cut them at least once a week and clean them regularly.

Shoe hygiene

Make sure your shoes are clean and remove any stains or dirt that has accumulated on them. Polish it daily before you go to work, and if it is washable, do so at the end of the week. The shoe is one of the important things that affect the outward appearance.

Head and beard hair

Go to the barber every once in a while to cut the excess hair, and if you have a beard, do not forget to take care of it, whether by trimming or frequent shaving.

Wear accessories

There are many accessories that are essential for a man and should not be misused, such as watch, tie, hat, belt and glasses. All of them can enhance your elegance if you choose them well.

Change of appearance

Feel free to change your style and dress every once in a while. For example, you can change the hairstyle, the method of shaving the beard, and others.

Simplicity is the secret of elegance

Stay away from sophistication and stick to simplicity in wearing clothes, for that is what will make you elegant, as it is said, simplicity is the secret of elegance.

Get rid of excess clothing

If you have extra clothes that you have not worn for a long time and are placed in the closet or that their size is no longer appropriate for you, get rid of them by donating them to the poor and needy or to a charity. The necessity of this is that this will save you from the distraction that afflicts you while choosing clothes.

Adjustment of clothes

If you have any garments that have some defect, even if it is as simple as a broken button or a lost button, have it repaired before considering purchasing a replacement.


If you take all the aforementioned steps and appear really elegant but you lack self-confidence, that will make you look flawed and people will notice that. Have the necessary confidence and keep your walk straight. Speak with confidence and let your tone of voice be heard.